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Please help us to fund the construction of the new Meatroom!

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As everyone knows, the meat room is the heart of the farm, so much time is spent each day preparing food for the animals, packing meat into the freezer and cleaning up.

In Bela Bela we want to ensure that our meat room is right from the beginning, not only will it be bigger but it is carefully thought out and planned to make it more efficient and easy to clean.

There will be a drive in section where fresh meat can be offloaded indoors, out of the sun and away from the flies, this will help staff to slaughter, pack away and clean much easier. The walls/floor and roof of any meat prep areas will be easy to pressure wash, containers/medication and equipment will be stored separately Meat room life generally will be much easier for all the staff and volunteers.

Already the costs are mounting… we need to raise over R325,000.00 in order to build the meatroom and meat freezer, this is of course a necessity in order to move the animals to Bela Bela.

We know so many have already contributed so much to the building up of the new site, with the end in sight this is the final push!!

If anyone is at all able to make a donation towards the construction of the meatroom it is more than appreciated! We are nearly there guys, this is not possible without you and we are so looking forward to the day that we can show you all what we have achieved together!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, from all the people and the animals

We have included the builders quote, and the freezer quote in the gallery so you can see the breakdown of the construction materials and costs.  We also have Flooring costs (R22,000) and Labour (R55,000) Roughly converted the total comes to around US$19,700.

Any donation of any amount would be a huge help.

To date (26th Nov) we have raised US$14,101


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